For Sellers. Our Realty Pros network of seasoned real estate professionals find the perfect buyer for your home. We specialize in selling homes in Washington DC metropolitan area.

We will use all mediums of advertisement to list your home to attain the maximum value for your home. Our professionals are ready to work for you TODAY.

Is your home ready for sale. We encourage all of our sellers to objectively assess their home and ask themselves, “As a buyer, would I be excited about purchasing this home.” Take the time to prepare the home for sale by cleaning, painting, or replacing undesirable aspects of the home…or even home staging.

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Customer Marketing Analysis. It is an estimate of your home’s value based on the sales of comparable homes within a one-mile radius during a specified timeframe. CMA allow both sellers and Realtors to determine the maximum price to sell the home.

Summer months are the best. The marketplace tends to be more active in the summer because parents want to enroll children in classes at the beginning of the school year (usually August). The summer is also typically when most homes are likely to be available.